Imagekind Community Guidelines
The Imagekind Community is a place for Imagekind members to share, discuss and learn from each other. The Imagekind Community is designated for all members of Imagekind. Thus, respect for one another must be our highest priority.

By participating in the Imagekind Community, you agree to the rules and guidelines we have created and outlined here. These guidelines are intended for all users. Before posting, please read the Frequently Asked Questions and "sticky" posts.

Please remember that the Imagekind Community is a place for peer-to-peer support with other members; artists and shoppers alike. Customer Support inquiries should be directed towards our Customer Support Department via
Community Rules
  • You agree not to hold Imagekind or its members liable for anything stated within the community. Messages posted at this site are the sole opinion and responsibility of the contributor. Imagekind makes no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the information contained within the forums.
  • Imagekind reserves the right to remove, edit, or delete without notice any and all content placed in this community.
  • Moderator and/or Imagekind action may be final. Actions may be reversed by Imagekind or a moderator after review of the matter.
  • Using the forum to solicit discussions (via email or Private Message) contrary to the guidelines may be considered unacceptable.
  • Groups are a tool for multiple artists to come together on a theme or subject, and should be used only for this purpose. Any groups that are dedicated to a single member's images only will be deleted.
  • Posting several successive replies to a thread is not tolerated. Moderators will delete multiple replies that are by the same user and seemingly off topic. Editing your reply is always acceptable, but you must allow for others to respond before replying with a new comment. Continuing to do so will result in being banned from the Imagekind community.
  • It is your responsibility to be familiar and remain updated to current Community Guidelines. All users of these forums must comply with these guidelines. Infractions of any guideline may result in revocation of site privileges.
General Community Etiquette - Guidelines for Participating
  1. Before posting, please read the Frequently Asked Questions or "sticky" posts at the top of that discussion as your question may be answered already.
  2. Posts, nicknames, signatures, avatars, and general content that are inflammatory, vulgar, sexually explicit, inappropriate, rude or otherwise offensive will not be tolerated and will be removed.
  3. Always be respectful of each other, Imagekind employees, and group Moderators. Be civil, clean, and decent in all posts. Open discussions of varying points of view are encouraged but only if they remain constructive and not inflammatory. Personal attacks are not allowed or tolerated. Anyone using/posting inappropriate content, language, starting personal attacks, engaging in hate speech and rants, or being disruptive to the Community's positive environment may be barred from all further discussions and/or the Imagekind Community completely.
  4. The Imagekind Community is not a venue for personal or private vendettas or causes. If you become involved in a dispute or have a problem with another forum member, moderator, or Imagekind employee please email
  5. Links to adult content, pages with links to adult content, or messages describing anything inconsistent with the Imagekind Content Usage Policy, TOS, or Community Guidelines will be removed.
  6. Discussing other services similar to Imagekind is permissible within this community, though we ask that the facts are honest, opinions are respectful, and constant comparison kept minimal.
  7. If you have concerns about another members’ artwork (including complaints, reports on theft or copyright infringement) do not post about them in the forums. Please refrain from making allegations of infringement. Instead, use the provided “report as inappropriate link” on the respective post or image.
  8. Keep thread discussions on topic. Trolls will be sent to the dungeon.
  9. The community is not a venue for non-Imagekind members or unrelated sites or services. Content that is posted for the sole-purpose of unrelated promotion (e.g. Spam) will be removed and may result in a permanent loss of site privileges.
  10. Please do not post sensitive or confidential information to the forum about yourself or other members (i.e. account information, private communications with Imagekind staff, moderators, or other members, etc). This includes posts requesting personal information. Doing so is grounds for deletion of your Imagekind account.

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