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The Humans Side of a Clown series of paintings created by Patty Sue O'Hair-Vicknair Fine Artist. Patty is well on her way to creating the initial 30 paintings she has planned for this series. As of 11-6-11 she has completed 9 paintings with the 10 one to be completed before Christmas 2011. If you l like clowns, you will love this collection. If you don't really care for clowns or are scarred silly at the thought or clowns, then rest assured that you will never find a scary clown in this collection. All of the clowns are sweet and have nice smiles.
"Close Up Kid 2  Kid Clowns Painting"  by psovart
  • Close Up Kid 2  Kid Clowns Painting Close Up Kid 2  Kid Clowns Painting
from $ 12
  • Rainbow Clown Rainbow Clown
from $ 12

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