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Really now is it fair that Cats get all the press? This is my K9.5 Trip and a half series. It is inspired by my rescue dog Tripper. Tripper has bought many things into our life, the expected things like love, devotion and class A hugs and kisses; but more than that she has brought this amazing color, brillIance, and a very unexpected COMEDY! And I know that she is not alone, though she has not been cloned(at least not that I know of) you probably have one of your own. If so you will understand that the standard for K9 is not high enough, and K10 would be possible if it were not for the precious little piles left in the front yard. No, K9.5 is a fitting standard. Either way it is a Trip and a half. Can you relate? then COME! (oops, I mean WELCOME!) About the Art: ORIGINAL ART MATERIALS: colored pencils done in layers to achieve the deepest color saturation. ORIGINAL MEDIA: 140 LB Bristol Board vellum ORIGINAL(s) AVAILABLE: some available.
"The Pleeeeese Puppy"  (2009) by AlmaLee
  • The Pleeeeese Puppy The Pleeeeese Puppy
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